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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

COLUMBUS, COSI and COUSINS!! perfect staycation

Through thunderstorms and lightening we made it to Columbus and had a wonderful staycation!
I really like Columbus and hope to get back soon to explore it even more. Who knew what fun we would find in our own backyard?

Friday after driving through what felt like a tornado, we made it to Columbus and enjoyed a bd's, Mongolian grill,  for the first time. The boys loved (and so did I) picking out their food and watching as the cooks prepared it on a big open grill!

Saturday we woke up and prepared for our big day. After many recs we decided to try Northstar Cafe, and I was not at all dissappointed. The food was so fresh and so favorful...I wish we had one in Cincy.
I had the Sweet Potato and Turkey Hash with two sunny-side-up eggs...AMAZING

Breakfast was so so good!! I have to go back!

We met up with our cousin Lauren who Tre' seems to have a crush on and hung out at COSI!
What an amazing place for the curious at heart. Both boys were in heaven and learned a lot. They could smell, touch and explore anything they wanted.

The boys and cousin Lauren

The Deans

Learning about outer space

Learning about sound waves

Learning about air pressure

Water exhibit

Going down in the submarine

Mommy and Tre' in a submarine

After COSI Lauren took us to The Historic North Market and sampled some food and of course I got my Jeni's!

We were all exhausted after Saturday and spent the rest of the day napping in the hotel, ordering room service watching basketball and taking in a late night splash in the pool!

Sunday before we left we caught up with Mela and Milo for a little lunch!

We had an amazing weekend and I know Tre' enjoyed his first official school Spring Break.

Not a ton of money spent but a ton of memories made!!



1 comment:

Anonymous said...

WOW! What an excellent way to spend the Spring Break Weekend. Your "Little Family" makes such beautiful memories together.

Love those pictures,