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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Girl where did you get that, it is amazing?"...Trader Joe's...Trader Who?

One of my absolute favorite things to do is cook and entertain family and friends. I sometimes can go a little overboard when planning gatherings, and have been known to plan kid's birthday parties that are a bit over the top. I'm told all the time "they will not remember when they are older"- but who cares...I will (that's what cameras are for...)!!!

Well a little over a year ago I stumbled upon a super fantastic store that I just have to share with readers. TRADER JOE's has the most delicious food and wine selection I have ever seen and to top it all off ....the prices are unbelievable!! I can do my normal weekday shopping and find just what I need and I can plan my party menu right in the middle of the store. If you have a Trader Joe's close to you I would challenge you to take a browse...and even sample what they have to offer...their coffee is fantastic and goodness there desserts are to die for... Check out my top 10 lists!! (I should own stock in this store)

Everyday Deans: Everyday Favs

  1. OJ- $1.99- it is the best OJ my Mr. D has said he tasted and for the price we keep it stocked.

  2. Nonfat French Vanilla Yogurt- $2.99 and Praline Cluster granola-$2.49 - the boys love this yogurt and beg for the granola, it's a healthy snack on the weekends

  3. Eggs-$.99- for all my baking of course

  4. Low Fat String Cheese- easy to grab on the go, both the boys and I love it!

  5. Honey Nut O's- their version of Honey Nut ...other the popular brand...I say these taste better and come at a better price!!

  6. Almond Milk- for those of us that can't tolerate the lactose

  7. Chicken Broth- the base to many meals

  8. Breakfast Bars- on those busy days

  9. Fruit- they have an awesome selections of fruit and veggies

  10. Frozen Foods- I love all their frozen veggies, the spinach and broccoli are awesome! I even love their frozen burritos, rice, seafood, pizzas, waffles, fruit for smoothies. I love it all!

Downhome With The Deans: Entertaining

  1. Blood Orange Italian Soda

  2. Beer- All their beer is amazing. They sell some name brand but many TJ's brands that are delicious. Currently we like the Pumpkin Lager!!!

  3. Wine- they have a large selection of champagne and wine that range from 2 Buck Chuck to bottles over $50!!

  4. Spinach Dip and pita chips- this is in the frozen aisle and is great to have on hand for those unexpected guest. (Note: Their frozen aisle have tons of prepared appetizers for any party)

  5. Goddess Salad dressing- It's a mix, I would say, between Ranch and is so delicious just by itself on bag salad

  6. Premium Ice cream- enough said

  7. Desserts/Breads- their dessert table is always a hit, from their apple pie to their small dessert assortment. I love their french bread to make all my different bruschetta recipes.

  8. Hummus- I love hummus and it is great for parties!!!

  9. Corn Salsa- spicy and sweet, a very unexpected favorite!!

  10. Popcorn- Kettle Corn/ Olive Oil- Can you say movie night!

Right now, for a limited time, they have all their Fall foods in store. I recommend the pumpkin bread mix, pumpkin butter, apple bread mix, pumpkin pancake mix, beer bread mix, stuffing, and so much more...

(picture taken from TJ's website)

Find the store nearest you, I promise you will LOVE it:


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