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I LOVE cooking from recipes, and making up meals, I LOVE spending time with my boys (all three) and entertaining my family and friends, I LOVE bargain shopping (vintage stores included), I LOVE flipping through fashion and design mags, I LOVE the smell of libraries and how often I could get lost there, I LOVE scanning realty websites, I LOVE Trader Joes and LUSH, I LOVE fresh flowers and all four seasons, I LOVE Cincinnati and am always ready to travel, I LOVE stationary and stamps, I LOVE diamonds and pearls, tulle and lace, I LOVE smelling coffee and drinking tea, I love marshmallows and chocolate, I LOVE cozy sheets and morning sunshine, I LOVE me and I love GOD!

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

AFRO CITY A Must!!! Gushing: Hair inspirations and beautiful, positive black women ...

I must say I didn't get a chance to see the new series Single Ladies, but from the looks of some fellow bloggers, I didn't miss much! A quote that "it set black women back" makes me happy I didn't waste my time! I did however run across this fabulous new webshow, AFRO CITY, that I am pleased to share with you! Their acting and storyline, I hope will improve but overall it is positive, it is beautiful and goodness I love their hair and fashion!!! I love that the cast is a rainbow of natural beauty. They display positive sisterly love and support of each other. These women are fierce!!

Check out Episode 1



Portia said...

Thanks for the share!!!! Make sure u tweet that if you haven't already

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