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I LOVE cooking from recipes, and making up meals, I LOVE spending time with my boys (all three) and entertaining my family and friends, I LOVE bargain shopping (vintage stores included), I LOVE flipping through fashion and design mags, I LOVE the smell of libraries and how often I could get lost there, I LOVE scanning realty websites, I LOVE Trader Joes and LUSH, I LOVE fresh flowers and all four seasons, I LOVE Cincinnati and am always ready to travel, I LOVE stationary and stamps, I LOVE diamonds and pearls, tulle and lace, I LOVE smelling coffee and drinking tea, I love marshmallows and chocolate, I LOVE cozy sheets and morning sunshine, I LOVE me and I love GOD!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The New Chocolate bar fad

Spicy ones, salty ones, savory ones and let’s not forget the sweet!!!

There is a new fun trend in chocolate…create your own bar! Many companies are popping up that allow you to create your own candy bar. You to choose from many different chocolates-as your base, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, black chocolate…then pile on the toppings!!! There are sites that have over 100 toppings to choose from! The bars can get very expensive for such small amounts so of course….. I’m going to try it at home!!!

I’m thinking this would make such a fun DIY project and once mastered would be a great Girl’s Night In activity. I have everything I need at home.

Stay tuned for my DIY post!! In the meantime enjoy these wonderful pics!!!

White: Sweet Valentines Special

Spicy: Dark: Jalapeno Salt Spicy Mango

Salty: Dark Salt Almond Blueberry

Here are two sites that carry these yummy treats...Chocbite and Chocomize!!!

How Sweet?


Shelby S. said...

Spicy: Dark: Jalapeno Salt Spicy Mango....I am soooo curious, are you?

Kellie Collis said...

The look heavenly yummy! Those hearts are lovely! Enjoy the weekend, Kellie xx

GIC said...

Thanks ladies...I can't wait to try making a few this weekend. I will post pics!