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I LOVE cooking from recipes, and making up meals, I LOVE spending time with my boys (all three) and entertaining my family and friends, I LOVE bargain shopping (vintage stores included), I LOVE flipping through fashion and design mags, I LOVE the smell of libraries and how often I could get lost there, I LOVE scanning realty websites, I LOVE Trader Joes and LUSH, I LOVE fresh flowers and all four seasons, I LOVE Cincinnati and am always ready to travel, I LOVE stationary and stamps, I LOVE diamonds and pearls, tulle and lace, I LOVE smelling coffee and drinking tea, I love marshmallows and chocolate, I LOVE cozy sheets and morning sunshine, I LOVE me and I love GOD!

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Current Obsessions


Collecting vintage milk glass. 
I found this piece this weekend along with three awesome flower vases!!!

My typewriter that is new perfect shape. I found it at a yard sale this weekend and I am so thrilled. Can't wait to come up with some fun stationary pieces!!! How vintage chic!!!

My new favorite summer treat...sweet and creamy and super delicious!!.

My most favorite obsession of all...

Movie Night on Fountain Square with my family!!! It's like a drive in without the cars. PRICELESS

Happy Sunday!!


Shelby S. said...

So many people love Greek Yogurt, it's such a huge hit right now! I wish I wasn't lactose intolerant.

Ronita D. said...

Yes...girlit is delicious!!! I am lactose intolerant as welll but yogurt doesn't seem to upset my stomach like milk and other foods...