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Friday, August 21, 2009

What’s in the bag?...My simple make-up staples that keep me sensibly chic

M·A·C at ShopStyle

Well I don’t wear makeup everyday but I will say that I try to at least put on a little powder, mascara, and always show my lips some love before I leave the house. It’s amazing how many people will ask me what I have done differently when I roll on some mascara. I wanted to share my thoughts on what should be in every woman’s make-up bag (and what just happens to be in mine), even on a budget!!

Daytime Diva
· A really great pressed powder- I use and love Clinique’s stay matte sheer pressed powder oil free. My color is 11 stay brandy. The oil free really helps as I am breakout prone and any excess oil will cause me to develop blemishes.
· A super fab mascara- I use Maybelline XXL Extensions, but I have always sworn by my little pink and green tub of Maybelline Great Lash.
· Lip Love- If I have a little extra money, which is rare, I like to treat myself to M.A.C.’s ever popular lipglass or liplustre, my current fav is Lustreglass in Instant Gold, but if I’m budgeting and still want that super fun shine I absolutely have fallen in love with Victoria’s Secret lip glosses. They come in all different colors and flavors (which helps when I am craving sweets and know I shouldn’t eat anything)
· Beauty Blotters b.k.a oil absorbing tissues. I happen to have oily skin so these save me during the day when my oil glands are working overtime!! I have been using Mary Kay’s blotters, which work wonders. It sometimes so gross when I look at all the oil that comes off my face!!

Night Time Revamped
Now if I’m going out and want to jazz it up a bit I love to try new looks. This is where it’s fun to add in eye shadow, blush, bronzer, lipstick, fake lashes, and a great setting spray!!

· Concealer. I use concealer because I have to! Many of you blessed souls don’t. I cover up any blemishes or dark circles. Two that I really love are Prescriptives Flawless Skin Total Protection Concealer level 5 warm and Clinique’s Acne Solution #3, which conceals while treating my acne.
· Eye pigments! I love love love M.A.C. eye shadows. They have really awesome colors that blend really well. Runner up is Hard Candy Eye Shadow Quartets. Depending on the look I’m trying to achieve whether smoky or natural, I usually try to picks shadows that are multifunctional.
· Blushin’ Bride- I love to add on a little blush at the end of my routine. Two that really excite me are Clinique’s Glow Blush which is a cream stick and Mary Kay’s Gold Canyon or Brick.
· Bronzer. It’s always fun and chic to add that extra ummmff. Bronzer usually does that for me. I use Mary Kay’s Bronze Highlighting Powder. It usually does the trick without being too sparkly!
· Lipstick. I have to be honest. I am not a very big lipstick person. I haven’t yet found my niche in wearing it. What I usually end up doing is applying a light coat of a lighter frost and then bring it out with a lipglass/lustre. My current lipstick of choice is M.A.C.’s Frost. Maybe over the winter I can become a bit more adventurous.
· Fake Lashes. Now I know you are probably thinking fake lashes? Yes!! They really seem to open up my eyes and send out a message of fun and flirty!!! I buy my lashes at any neighborhood hair store but the adhesive is the key. You don’t want to have those bad boys fallin’ off in your mojito!! To stick them on I use DUO adhesive. I purchased mine at M.A.C. but I have seen it on the shelves at Walgreens.
· Last but not least is a setting spray!! I go gaa gaa over MakeUp For Ever Professional Mist and Fix. I apply a light spritz right before I am headed out the door and then there are no worries if my makeup will be running into the night! This stuff is amazing!!

No matter what your makeup style always try to apply a little something. It seems to always elevate my spirits. And …...I know all you lovely ladies know this, but remember when you get home remove it, remove it, remove it! It is so horrible to wake up the next morning with makeup on your pillow. Use Vaseline for eye makeup and wash with your normal cleanser!!
Get yourself a great set of brushes and have some fun trying a new look!!


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