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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

School Matters……..Education is Key!!! Welcome 2009-2010 School Year!

Oh how time moves forward! I can’t believe Tre’ will be 4 years old come November 4th! Scott and I are faced with many decisions as we raise our boys to be educated, strong men contributing to a positive society. A big thing for both Scott and I is EDUCATION. We have to decide where exactly we will send the boys for elementary, junior high, and high school (well Scott already has stated that it is Walnut Hills High, no exceptions...we will see). We have to decide what are the 5 top qualities we are looking for in a school? Is it academics, extra curricular, sports, student teacher ratio…..? What is it that makes a great school?

In researching our options I came across a very nifty site that allows you to search and compare all schools in Cincinnati (and in any state in the US). I was able to pull up three schools at a time side by side and compare many of their academic statistics, see the district makeup, and look at demographics.

As the dawn of a new school year is upon us…I pray for all the teachers (especial all my friends who have decided to go into this profession, you are bigger than me) and all the parents. Know that no matter what school you decide to send your child, parents have a responsibility to continue your child’s education outside of school walls!!! Be involved and show your child how important obtaining an education is for their future.

So as we research and gain opinions from family and friends, take school tours, and attend open houses we will never lose sight of what is important for our family, EDUCATION. We can’t wait (well we can J) for the day we see our sons walk across that stage an receive their diplomas!

Good Luck Everybody,


I will also post some helpful sites for tutoring help and extracurricular activities around the city in a few!!!

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