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Thursday, June 28, 2012

{Iconic Cincinnati Tour}

What do you get a man who has everything? A tour of the city he adores.....
Thanks to the fine folks at American Legacy Tours for such a fun and very different Father's Day gift!

Cincinnati is the lucky host of the 2012 World Choir Games which we are really excited to be a part of and know it will boost the economy here in The Queen City. There is a huge counter on the Square that serves as the countdown tracker.

Genius of Water

The tour started on Fountain Square where we were given a history lesson of the fountain, when and how it was purchased...a bit scandalous if you ask me.  

A view of Carew Tower from The Square where we will end our tour.

A poem for the city...

The P&G Towers also known as "Dolly Parton Towers" A marketing mecca and the birthplace of IVORY soap aka "the soap that floats."

One of Scott's favorite parts of the tour was getting a chance to go into the Cincinnati Masonic Center. What a beautiful building and as we were informed, no one can put a price on it. Everything was built by the Masons by hand and boy the details of this place are spectacular. What a historical site. Everytime we would pass it Scott would always be in awe, saying, "I want to go in there one day."

One of fifteen life masks of Abraham Lincoln


View from the skywalk...A city within a city


Below are views from the 49th floor of the Carew Tower

Paul Brown Stadium home of The Cincinnati Bengals

John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge the prototype of the famous Brooklyn Bridge.
City Hall

Fun Fact: The Great American Tower is the tallest building in Cincy at 660 feet. What makes it the tallest is the large crown that was placed on top as a ode to Princess Diana just fitting for The Queen City. 

Union Terminal

Music Hall

School of Creative and Performing Arts

Scott truly enjoyed himself. We had an amazing tour and can't wait to try another one. 
I heard the Underground Tour is amazing.

We LOVE Cincinnati!

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Anonymous said...

Great site! Love the pics!

- John