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Friday, May 4, 2012

growing our own food

collards April 20th

collards May 3rd

Our community garden box is doing really well. We have had a combination of great sun and great rain.
Our collards have made great progress in just a few short weeks. We have spinach growing in the middle and broccoli further up. Our flowers and succulents are spreading pretty well and we see little sprouts with the onions, peas and carrots.
We will see about the strawberries- I hope to get at least a few!

It's amazing how much fun it is to plant a seed in the ground and watch it grow! talk about farm to table.
We are looking forward to making delicious spinach salads this summer.

Scott and I were talking last night about how efficient it would be if we could collect seeds and send them to places that lacked food. People could come together to try to grow food to sustain their family and their communities.

What a thought...


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