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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Simply Stated: Holiday Gift Guide- For Your Foodie Friend/Family

In the days to come I will be bringing you some budget friendly ideas for gift giving this year! Stay Tuned!

Up First!!!

I took a little field trip (not that I wouldn't normally be here) to Trader Joe's to scope out some fab and budget friendly gift ideas for the foodie friends/family in your life.

Here are some of my top picks all under $15

They have a wide selection of festive cookies and candies.
They are great just by themselves or a couple different picks in a basket!
My favorite is the dark chocolate sea salt caramels!

You could make a gift basket with three or four different butters all just $2.29 each.
Add some preserves and a box or two of crackers! Viola 

Their mini Christmas trees with silver glitter are so cute. Perfect for someone who lives in a small place or to help liven up someone's office space (think work Secret Santa)!!!

The gift that keeps on giving: For the true foodie: a rosemary tree! Fragrant and festive!! Something they can use after the holidays are long gone.

Wow!! How fun, a special edition four pack of specialty sea salts.
Chili Garlic and Smoked Sea Salt, Edible Flowers Sea Salt, Tropical Pepper Sea Salt and Thyme Lemon and Bay Sea Salt! All for just $7.99!

And of course any holiday wouldn't be complete without a little bubbly!
I have never tried sparkling red wine. I picked up a bottle and look forward to cracking it open.

How cute are these packages wrapped in Trader Joe's holiday brown bags?
Simple and festive!




1 comment:

Mom said...

I love your pictures and comments on all things festive. You are such a fun-loving daughter. The Trader Joe’s gift wrapping at the end of this blog reminds me of the years I wrapped my little ones gifts with comic paper from the Sunday newspaper. Gee, I hadn’t thought of that in a very long time.