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Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Recap: FOOD EDITION: I probably gained 5lbs!!!

I started the weekend off with a date night with the hubby.
The boys went to the UNIVERSOUL Circus and we used one of our Groupons (I'm obsessed with Groupon) to go to an absolutely soul stirring restaurant

Local 127 where their motto is "Local 127 is a New American Eatery with an emphasis on Farm to Table Dining. Quality Local Sourcing provides only the Freshest Ingredients, prepared with a Respect for Tradition using the Innovative Tools of Today"

We enjoyed this meal so much!

The Bourbon Flip

Appetizer: Chicken Confit Wings and Chile

My dinner: Chicken Two Ways

Scott's Dinner: NY Strip with Potatoes 3 Ways 


Saturday morning we woke up and traveled to my little nephew's 1st birthday party!! Boy what a blast! We had so much fun and can't believe it's already been a year!

Her mom is the best baker in Columbus! You have seen her work in a previous post of our wedding.
She made our groom's cake. The birthday cake had a layer of lemon, peanut butter cup, and the bottom layer was red velvet and vanilla.

Before we left Columbus, I made the hubby stop at the world famous Jeni's Ice Cream and I finally got to taste...ooooooooh my I loved it!!!

I got the STUDY which is 4 scoops (of course) of any of the ice creams. I chose: Ugandan Vanilla Bean, Salted Caramel, Rockmill Golden Ale &Apricots, and the Sweet Corn and Berries
It was so good and well worth the trip!!!

Sunday we celebrated my mom's 60th birthday. I made a delicious homemade red velvet cake using the Neely's recipe.

Cream Cheese frosting

I even had enough cake batter left for a dozen cupcakes!

We added a bit of relaxing, cleaning the house, folding clothes (switching our clothese over from summer to fall) and catching up on some reality TV!!

It was a perfect weekend.

How was yours?


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Faith said...

Jeni's is AMAZING! :)