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Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Summertime Harvest:Tour My Garden

My garden is starting to grow and I'm so thrilled!
I can remember when I was little girl, my dad digging out a patch of land on the side of our house and growing a "victory garden." I guess he passed down the passion and now I have dug out a little patch of land behind our condo (I hope the HOA) doesn't get upset...hehe

Here is a brief tour of my garden.

Boy when I get my house, I want to make sure there is a ton of extra land, so that I can set up a true garden. There is such joy in growing seeds and watching them mature and produce delicious fruit to harvest!

If you are not into growing or unable to grow your own garden here is a list of what's in season by month (I have printed this off and placed it in my purse).Take a visit to your local farmer's market and pick up some fresh local fruit and veggies.


Summer is a perfect time to enjoy earth's bounty!

With the produce from my garden I plan on canning salsa and tomato sauce to enjoy during the colder months.


1 comment:

Shelby S. said...

Can you give us a few little hints and tips on gardening?