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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dear LUSH ...there is a new contender in town


You all know how much I LOVE LUSH but...

I have recently done a ton of research on natural beauty products and came across African black soap. I heard about it in passing at many festivals and seen it packaged on vendor’s tables. I never truly understood what it was and why it is so powerful!!!

In doing some research I found that there are two main types of black soap, one from Ghana and one from Nigeria (Dudu Osun). People love both but some saw that the DuDu Osun brand burns a bit because of the lime juice that’s added.

For centuries, Ghanaians have used Black soap to:

keep the skin clear and help prevent fine lines and wrinkles
treat acne
oily skin
clear blemishes
eczema and psoriasis
dandruff and ringworm

The ingredients consist of: Cocos nucifera(Coconut Oil),butyrospermum parkii,(Raw Shea butter), Cocoa Pod ash, Aqua(Water) Elaeis guineensis (Palm Kernel Oil) (ALL THINGS I CAN READ and understand)

I love thinking about how it is processed.

The skin of the cocoa pod is sun dried to a specific texture and then roasted in a clay like oven. During drying, the heat is kept at a constant temperature in order to maintain a particular smell, color and texture of the dried cocoa pod.

The cocoa pods are then roasted. The roasting process determines the color of the African black soap. The longer the roasting process, the darker the black soap.

After the roasting process, the cocoa pod is mixed with pure, unrefined, natural Palm Kernel Oil. This process leads to the formation of the soap. No scents, preservatives, chemicals, color enhancers, dye, charcoal or fragrances are added during mixing.

The African black soap is then poured into molding blocks and then heat sealed.
The above Info taken Coastal Scents website.

I have purchased both and absolutely LOVE them. I am beginning to notice a positive difference with my complexion and texture of my skin. The heels of my feet are super soft and my tone is evening out. To find RAW African black soap check your local African grocery store or Coastal Scents-where it is fair traded and the money goes to support the women in the village that makes it. Usually where ever they sell the raw shea butter, that I so fondly LOVE, you will also find raw black soap.

Check out YouTube for great vlogs on black soap!

Sorry LUSH but I think I have to replace you! I still LOVE your bath bombs though…


1 comment:

Barbie said...

Sounds like a good excuse to go back to Ghana and get googobs of it!