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I LOVE cooking from recipes, and making up meals, I LOVE spending time with my boys (all three) and entertaining my family and friends, I LOVE bargain shopping (vintage stores included), I LOVE flipping through fashion and design mags, I LOVE the smell of libraries and how often I could get lost there, I LOVE scanning realty websites, I LOVE Trader Joes and LUSH, I LOVE fresh flowers and all four seasons, I LOVE Cincinnati and am always ready to travel, I LOVE stationary and stamps, I LOVE diamonds and pearls, tulle and lace, I LOVE smelling coffee and drinking tea, I love marshmallows and chocolate, I LOVE cozy sheets and morning sunshine, I LOVE me and I love GOD!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

A little SPRING cleaning...the Fabulous WAY

This weekend I will be doing some more Spring cleaning. I look forward to completely emptying my car and cleaning it from inside out. I will dust and strip down all the beds, laundry, and sweep and mop the floors. I need to attack all those random stacks of paper, making sure they get filed away in their proper folders. I have to go through all the boy's clothes taking out "to small- and out of season" items. We will make a trip down to the Freestore to donate our unwanted items. Wipe down windows, clean under all beds, straighten our closets and attack the bathrooms...needless to say I need a little encouragement and inspiration!!!

Here are some of my Spring Cleaning Inspiration Items




Here are some of the cleaners I love using

Happy Friday!!!


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